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View from the Bridge - China, March 2nd

As China enters the Year of the Sheep falling GDP projections cause some to worry, but the lubricants sector continues to invest in innovate

View from the Bridge 168

Europe, Russia and the Ukraine all hark back to the 30s, but there are positive signs in the auto industry and connectivity drives technolog

View From the Bridge, China - February 3rd

Falling oil prices are prompting lubes producers to revise product costs, but hard discounting can prove as troublesome as maintaining high

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 167

Apart from a some obvious losers, falling oil prices are good news overall for the global economy and a win for consumers.

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 166

As oil prices and sanctions continue to bite in various parts of the world, Sebastian Crawshaw ponders what next for the US, Europe and Russ

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 165

OATS launches a dynamic new data platform - earlFUSION; the Eurozone could slide back into recession; Russian sanctions bite on automotive i