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View From The Bridge - May 2019

This edition of View From The Bridge is particularly tech-heavy - undoubtedly a reflection of the way not just the lubes industry, but th

View From The Bridge - March 2019

Conference season reveals new lubes trends; the EV market increases its influence and the lubes industry and the battle over diesel continue

View From The Bridge - Jan 19

The IEAs Global oil predictions could mean a new way of working for refiners and producers; heavy trucks are in the spotlight for the latest

View From The Bridge - Nov 2018

OATS announces its new Managing Director; oil majors reveal strong Q3 results across the board and lubes producers are getting restless over

View From The Bridge - Sept 18

OEM lubricant loyalty, tightening emissions standards and the rise and rise of digital vehicle sales are covered in this VFTB.

View From the Bridge - July 18

Lubes industry and OEM collaboration are the focus of this month's View from the Bridge, although there's also some tension between two oil

View From the Bridge May 18

Lubes development continues to take positive steps forward despite some specification delays and puzzling political decisions on emissions.

View From The Bridge - March 18

Can lubricants producers manage the balancing act of meeting increased demand with reduction in the use of resources .

View From the Bridge Jan 18

Technology and product innovation are the highlights of OATS' predictions for 2018, as well as a boost in Latin American markets.

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