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View From The Bridge - November 2017

Emissions and homologation regulations are setting a moving target for OEMs, fuel and lubes producers to hit over the next few years.

View From The Bridge - September 2017

The 'hurricane season' has had a direct and indirect impact on the oil and lubes producers, while global markets are facing some turbulence

View From The Bridge - July 2017

Lubes specs, marketing and consumer education - along with the rise and rise of EVs - are the topics of discussion in the edition of the OAT

View From The Bridge - May 2017

The global legislative drive to reduce the burn of fossil fuels and enhance air quality is setting challenges for the lubricants industry as

View From the Bridge - March 17

As the lubes industry continues to grow, the influence of a fragile global economy and unpredictable political outcomes in Europe and elsewh

View from the Bridge - November 2016

Could the role of the car in global society be waning? If so, what are the implications for the lubricants industry and motor oil?

View from the Bridge - September 2016

Will Brexit and the challenges of global economics outweigh the influence of new vehicle technologies and the internet in influencing the lu