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Corporate News - Bulletin 102 (May 09)

Fiat’s bid for global automotive domination is the focus of a packed "In The Mix" section, with Q1 figures from the major oil producers, Val

Sports News - Bulletin 102 (May 09)

A chocolate powered, carrot-steered F3 car and the first zero-carbon motorcycle race takes place at the Isle of Man.

Sector Reports

The US API Group 1 capacity is down according to the latest Lubricating\n Oil and Wax Capacity Report and the Block Exemption debate rumbles

Innovation News - Bulletin 102 (May 09)

The challenge intensifies for the ILASC GF-5 specification, while we bid farewell to API CG-4 and welcome a new range of low ash engine oils

Environment News - Bulletin 102 (May 09)

The Auto Alliance releases new biofuel guidelines, the EPA calls for comment on increasing ethanol blends, the European Whole Vehicle Type A