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Environment News - Bulletin 105 (Sep 09)

Algae, sugar and ricin are on the menu for this months' environment news, while Volvo plugs in to hybrid technology and Shell and Exxon get

Innovation News - Bulletin 105 (Sep 09)

A potential time and money saving test for GF-5, the world's first liquid protein and India's own aviation lubricants make the news this mon

Sector Reports

The IMF takes a brave step with a report on the end of the recession, Kline reports on global basestocks and an interesting view on EROEI he

Upstream News - Bulletin 105 (Sep 09)

Lubricant and oil prices surge during August, Shell leads the way in the finished lubricants market and Iran announces a massive reserve dis

And Finally... Bulletin 104 (Jul 09)

A picture that tells a different story; the ultimate folding bicycle for your helicopter and Chevron cited in a prenup are all part of the f

Corporate News - Bulletin 104 (Jul 09)

This month, BP appoint a new Chairman and sells its Greek fuels business; Fuchs go hunting for new acquisitions; Total suffer in the Middle

Sector Reports

A fascinating review of the European auto industry, BP's World Energy Review, Pike on biofuels and US nano policies are just a sample of the

Sports News - Bulletin 104 (Jul 09)

The power battle in Formula One continues to rumble on, although a candidate for FIA "transparency" may be on the horizon.

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