And Finally... Bulletin 103 (Jun 09)

Ferrari may be up for a fight in F1, but they can clearly still hold their value.

Image RM Auctions
  History was made in mid-May at the "Ferrari - Leggenda e Passione" auction, held at the company's legendary Maranello factory, when a 1957 pontoon-fender 250 Testa Rossa (TR) sold for a staggering €9,020,000 ($12.78m the highest amount ever paid for a car a auction.  Only 22 examples of the car were ever made and the car sold competed in major races including the 1958 1000km Buenos Aires.  

In a case of "gasket heal thyself", supramolecular chemistry has created ‘self-healing' rubber which is now set to go into industrial production.  French firm Arkema have spent the last 12 months fine-tuning the product which uses predominantly fatty acid oligomers  which allows fractured surfaces to bond back together simply with light pressure.  Could this be start of everlasting rubber bands?

  And finally, pilots of piston-engined aircraft in the US, and potentially around the world, could find themselves running on empty without an unleaded fuel option. In a report by the Wichita Eagle's Molly McMillin, it appears that currently prop-plane pilots are totally reliant on the continued supply of the world's only remaining lead additive for avgas - the UK-based division of Innospec. Although Innospec reassured the Eagle's reporter that supplies are not likely to dry up any time soon, an environmentally-friendly unleaded option is still being hunted down. piston-aircraft
Image Alex Layzell