Shell gives Helix line a new look

Following the introduction of PurePlus technology, the Dutch major is revamping its popular lubes line.

At a recent event Beijing Hotel’s International Exhibition Centre, Shell China officially revealed its stylish new Helix packaging. The new look is part of a broader strategy to showcase the adoption of Shell’s patented PurePlus technology, announced earlier this year, which enables the company to produce fully synthetic base oils using natural gas.

The new product line consists of eight new products aimed at catering to an array of different engines, including 0W-40, 5W-40, 10W-40 and15W-40 grade offerings. Shell has also revamped the packaging to appear sleeker and more colourful than previous product ranges.

Technical staff at the Dutch oil giant claim the new technology improves vehicle performance and extends engine life significantly.  The Helix range is arguably the most popular of all motor engine oils in China, a fact reinforced by 2013 end of year sales on website, Taobao.